CNC Router

High-precision CNC router work

We provide plastic prototype creation services for the benefit of the customers. 
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Plastic cutting and fabrication using latest technologies

At Plastic Facilities Limited, we use high-precision CNC routers to cut the raw materials to the exact sizes and shapes, as per your given specifications. The machines employ computer based controls for manufacturing of high-quality products. We have a team of highly skilled professionals, who can manufacture the exact products of your choice. Established in 1972, we have gained a lot of experience to understand customers' specific requirements. Our pricing is competitive and services are exemplary. Call us today to talk to our experts.
product designing

Our services include:

  • Processing your CAD files
  • Designing the products as per your given specifications
  • Plastic prototype creation
  • Producing high-quality products
  • Precision finishing
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superior finish

Superior design and finish

If you are looking for top-quality finishing for your products, get in touch with us. We use specialised manufacturing processes, which enable us to provide precision finishing to all our plastic products. Our team is trained and offers professional services. Our manufacturing facility is equipped with modern tools to help us provide you with services, which are second to none. Call us today to talk to a member of our team.
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